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It is important for everyone in Cypress to make sure that they take care of their eyes. At Dr. Regine Smet O.D., we are here to do exactly that. Our goal is to make sure that everyone in the local area has access to an optometrist who is going to provide complete eye care to everyone to comes in. Look below at some of the optometry services that we provide!

Annual Eye Exam Services from Dr. Regine Smet O.D.

At Dr. Regine Smet O.D., we stress the importance of an annual eye exam. We know that some patients might not have had an eye exam in a while; however, this is an important part of eye care. There are certain problems that might develop underneath the surface without causing any symptoms. Without a regular exam, this issue might be overlooked. 

We are here to prevent these problems from festering. We will take a close look at visual acuity, visual fields, the pressure behind each eye, and the retinas to make sure that we have not overlooked anything. Our goal is to provide a complete eye care experience to everyone who comes to see us.

Contact Lens Needs Are Addressed

There are plenty of patients who are interested in learning more about contacts for vision correction. That is great! The first step in getting contact is to undergo a contact lens exam. This is done to make sure that regular contacts are going to work well for that person's eyes. Once the contact lens exam is done, we will show patients how to put in contacts and take them out. Finally, we will also go over how to take care of them properly.

Dr. Regine Smet O.D. Provides the Latest Eyeglasses and Frames

We also know that many patients want to stick with eyeglasses. We will make sure that the prescription in each lens is correct. We can talk about glasses for sports, special coatings, advanced tints, and more. We maintain connections with some of the top industry brands. That way, we can provide our patients with access to the latest frames!

Call Dr. Regine Smet O.D. Today to Make an Appointment

At Dr. Regine Smet O.D., we place the needs of our patients in Cypress first. As an optometrist in the local area, we provide a wide range of services that make sure our patients are taken care of. We would be happy to do the same for you. Contact us today to make an appointment to discuss an eye exam, glasses, or contacts!

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